Founding Partners Quinlan Osborne, Martin Poitras and Philip Hazan

Founding Partners Quinlan Osborne, Martin Poitras and Philip Hazan


CLASTE is an iconoclastic furniture brand based in Montreal, that specializes in collectible design. Their work expresses an imaginative and refined simplicity with an unrelenting attention to detail.

By combining an in-depth knowledge of traditional techniques of craftsmanship and artistry with a desire to push the boundaries of what is possible, Claste has created a collection which blends the familiar with the extraordinary and stands at the crossroads of art and design, timelessness and modernity.

Claste works closely with the finest artisans at all stages of the development process. Every step from design conception to finishing is analyzed and refined ensuring that all their work is infused with a unique expression of ingenuity and permanence.



Founding Partner and Creative director

Born in Ireland in 1973, Quinlan moved to Canada with his family in the early eighties. He studied architecture at the University of Waterloo in Ontario and the University of Illinois at Chicago before going on to work with several of the most prominent architectural firms in Canada as well as working abroad in London, England and in Dublin, Ireland. His work has been recognized with several high profile awards, including the Canadian architecture award of merit and in 2015 he was selected as one of thirteen recipients of the TWENTY + CHANGE next generation award for emerging designers in Canada. His personal work is part of both private and public collections in Canada, the US and Europe and he has been published in numerous magazines and periodicals both at home and abroad.


Founding Partner and Sales director

Martin was born in 1978 in Montreal and studied composition at the Music Conservatory of Montreal and Interior Design at the Montreal International Academy of Design. He has spent the majority of the last ten years engaged in the sales aspect of high-end residential furniture working closely with some of the largest Italian based manufacturers in the world. Combining his artistic background with his passion for contemporary design he has cultivated an extensive knowledge base of the retail and commercial market for modern furnishings in North America.


Founding Partner and President

Philip was born in Montreal in 1964 and studied architecture at Carleton University and the University of Montreal prior to establishing his own office in 1995. His practice has earned a global reputation for high-end bespoke design with several notable projects, that make up his extensive portfolio of works, including the flagship stores for Tommy Hilfiger in Beverly Hills and London, England. His recent work includes the penthouse interiors for the Four Seasons in Montreal as well as residential projects in Miami and New York. His contemporary designs and style are sought after by the most discerning clients and expressed in some of the world’s most iconic residential penthouses, apartments, urban homes and country estates.

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