Claste was born of a shared belief that perfection is not impossible and that the constant pursuit of excellence is the only way it can truly be achieved. This belief is the cornerstone of every small decision and big dream, of every design decision and every experience we create. When something is done right it results in an intangible experience, a subtle luxury that can be seen, touched and felt. Our desire is to create a shared experience which results from achieving a level of quality in our work that in turn creates a pride of ownership in every piece.

Once upon a time people did not own too many objects, they did not discard items in favor of something new. Objects were meant to be kept and cherished, cared for and passed down to future generations. This is our vision for Claste, to create pieces that inspire and connect on an emotional level, pieces that resist the whims of fashion and the passage of time. This vision does not come to fruition magically, it is the result of every decision we make every day about every aspect of who we are and what we represent. These decisions are guided by our shared belief that it is ok to dream and to dream big.

Claste was founded in 2017 by Quinlan Osborne, Martin Poitras and Philip Hazan.



Good Design Award: (USA) The Chicago Anthenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design. Winner in furniture category "how fragile this love"  2017
Archiproducts International Design Award: (Italy) Winner in furniture category "how fragile this love"  2017
Best of Year Award Interior Design magazine: (USA) Finalist for residential seating "how fragile this love" 2017
World Interior News Award: (Great Britain) Finalist for furniture category "how fragile this love"  2017
World Interior News Award: (Great Britain) Finalist for product designer of the year category  2017




Studio 2ième Édition : Factry, Montréal, Canada. May 30, 2018 (group show)
In Toto x Montreal a Milano : Archiproducts Milano,  via Tortona 31,  Milan, Italy.  April 2018 (group show)
Tension 1.2 : Les Ateliers Courbet, New York, NY.  March 09 to May 04, 2018 (solo show)
Tension : International Contemporary Furniture Fair, New York, NY.  May 2017