CLASTE is an iconoclastic furniture brand based in Montreal, that specializes in collectible design. Their work expresses an imaginative and refined simplicity with an unrelenting attention to detail.

By combining an in-depth knowledge of traditional techniques of craftsmanship and artistry with a desire to push the boundaries of what is possible, Claste has created a collection which blends the familiar with the extraordinary and stands at the crossroads of art and design, timelessness and modernity. Their collection explores ideas that challenge conventions by inviting people to re-examine their expectations of what furniture should be. The result is an augmented emotional element that both enhances and transforms the experience of the everyday into something transcendent and profound.

Claste works closely with the finest artisans at all stages of the development process. Every step from design conception to finishing is analyzed and refined ensuring that all their work is infused with a unique expression of ingenuity and permanence.

Founded in 2017 as a collaboration between Martin Poitras, Philip Hazan and creative director Quinlan Osborne, their first collection "tension" debuted at ICFF in New York to critical success.



Contact Us

For all general inquiries please contact us at:

Claste Inc.
4115 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite #102
Westmount, Quebec
H3Z 1A7

For all sales and representation inquiries please contact our director of sales and marketing Martin Poitras at:
+ 1 438 395 2730

All of our press inquires are handled by Wolf PR


New York City                                 Les Ateliers Courbet
                                                     134  10th Av NY  10011
                                                     +1 212 226 7378

Miami                                               Les Ateliers Courbet
Four Seasons Hotel The Surf Club
                                                           9101 Collins Avenue, Surfside, Florida, 33154